"I can only impart my experience to those who have an honest desire to go out and obtain their own. I give all that I have learned in the hopes that others grow in their experiences, as I have in mine. Perhaps they too, can share with others the joy and excitement of writing music for film and TV."

An American composer, Billy has been writing music for Film and TV since 1988. Born and raised in New York, he moved to California to start a formal education in music. His main course of study has been drums, percussion and piano.

Billy is now accomplished in the scoring of his own movies and TV including: "The Nature of Existence" "Running Wild from Ted Nugent" "Suckers" "Trekkies" "Trekkies II" and "Platoon 30" (Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen) and most recently "The Truth About Marriage."


Billy has also written the music for many shows including: Grey’s Anatomy, Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Crashing, and most recently The Store (HBO). Billy’s multi-media writing also includes: Panasonic, Petco, Citibank, ABC and much more.

He supports The Society of Composers and Lyricists, ASMAC, and currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors for The American Youth Symphony.